Why US ?

Welcome to our US licensed online pharmacy – trochesildenafil.com – bringing quality, affordable healthcare from our store to your door. Order your prescription drugs from trochesildenafil.com and benefit from:

1. Discreet, no cost medical consultations with US licensed doctors and pharmacists;
2. 100% FDA approved generic and branded prescription Fioricet drugs sourced in the U.S.
3. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping by COD;
4. The security and accountability of a U.S. owned and operated business;
5. Your Privacy – Your friends and neighbors will not know what you bought;
6. Free Prescription – US licensed Doctors will write prescription for you;
7. You can order at any time and do not need drive to your local pharmacies.
8. Save you Money and Insurance
9. Offline information. All your personnel information is stored offline. We do not store your personnel information online.
10. No phone call. We never call you to ask you to order Fioricet or Gabapentin. We only contact you by emails.
11. No Echeck payment. We never do echeck payment. Echeck payment may make you lose control on your bank account. If someone ask echeck payment in our name, they must be a liar and never trust them.
12. USAhealthstore is a honest operator and someone may call you in our name. Never trust them. We never call our customers. Doctors will ask us if they have concerns and we will email you to make it clear.
13. Returned customers should use our returned only customer website. It will be much faster and easier for us.
14. Fioricet and Gabapentin email refill is ok only when you have completed the form within three months. The doctors need your health conditions to prescribe the medicine.

All Pharmacies associated are licensed to distribute in the states, you can be 100% sure to receive the same quality medication that you get from your local drug store. All the pharmacists and doctors are US licensed.


    • find you a good warehouse to ship your order;
    • send your order to the warehouses
    • send you tracking ID after two business days
    • send your order problems to warehouses.
    • US licensed doctors are hired by warehouses.
    • US licensed pharmacists;
    • US licensed pharmacies;
    • FDA approval prescriptions
    • Not Storing your data online


    1. We cannot guarantee the medication brand;
    2.  We cannot cancel your order after you have placed in the pharm portal;
    3.  We cannot do overnight shipping or Fedex shipping;
    4.  We cannot answer your email about your order ID or tracking ID because we will send or have already sent it to you once we get it; But you can contact us four business days later if it was not shipped because it is not normal.
    5.  We cannot speed up your order or ask USPS to ship faster.
    6.  We can not whitelist you once you have been placed into blacklist because it is beyond our control.
    7.  If we have not sent you tracking ID five business days after you placed your order, you can place another order here. But if you can not receive both orders, it means you are blacklisted from this warehouse.
    8. Blacklist is beyond our control. It happens when you refuse orders, send bounced checks, or send personnel checks.

Upon receiving a valid prescription of the product you have bought. The Doctor will review it according to the form of health condition you have completed. Once the doctors approve your prescription, our US licensed pharmacies will fill a prescription for a medication that is FDA approved. To assure confidentiality and privacy our US licensed Pharmacy will fill and ship your prescription in a discreet package.

All the pharmacies are us licensed and never sell controlled substances. We will send you order ID and tracking ID together within two business days after you placed your orders. But everything is beyond our control after I sent you order ID and tracking ID.  Please ignore any call from call centers because we never call customers to refill orders.

trochesildenafil.com does not dispense nor prescribe Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis medication directly.  It is still a US licensed pharmacy who has the final authorization to approve or deny prescription requests. We can submit your orders manually into our upstream warehouse portal, the warehouse has several pharmacies to work with.

The warehouse will dispatch your orders to different pharmacies. Normally, The pharmacies can ship your orders the same day after the physicians review your order. But sometimes, the order will be shipped the following business day. Please follow the max dosage limitation, The warehouses may also share the same database and they may not refill the orders for you if your order is within the refill day limitation.

We have returned customer only websites for returned customers. Your information will be submitted to the pharmacies directly. It is much faster. As you know, our prices are always the cheapest. You will not be disappointed here.


This drug information is for your information purposes only, it is not intended that this information covers all uses, directions, drug interactions, precautions, or adverse effects of your medication.

This is only general information, and should not be relied on for any purpose. It should not be construed as containing specific instructions for any particular patient.

We disclaim all responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of this online prescription drug information, and or any consequences arising from the use of this information, including adverse consequences or damage to property or persons, however such consequences or damages arise.

No warranty, either implied or expressed, is made in regards to this information.


4 thoughts on “Why US ?”

  1. How can I be sure I am Getting full strenth tablets of fioricet with nothing added also Why wont you take a drug card discount program so I can Get the Full amount of tablets you sell. Every other faciility I use lets me and I save over 501/2%, using the discount card! I want the GENERIC Brand but in Blue and full strength Butaltalbutol ,Caffeine, I don’t need the Tylenol, unless That’s the only way it comes>L.Pugh waiting to hear if your legeitimate!!!

  2. All our pharms are US licensed and we sell generic fioricet online. But we can not guarantee the brand of the fioricet generic. We do not provide discount to returned customers because our costs but we do have returned customer only websites that is faster than first time customers.

    We only provide card processing for returned customers that have good reputation.

  3. Would you please send me a order form. I deleted it by mistake.
    Thank You..

  4. Please check the newsletter we sent you today. I checked our newsletter and you are in our customer list.

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